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# Company Name Description Website
1 Coursera Coursera is an online learning platform founded by Stanford professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller that offers massive open online courses (MOOC), specializations, and degrees.
2 Stanford University Leland Stanford Junior University (Stanford University or Stanford)[10] is a private research university in Stanford, California.
3 Google Brain Google Brain is a deep learning artificial intelligence research team at Google. Formed in the early 2010s, Google Brain combines open-ended machine learning research with systems engineering and Google-scale computing resources.
4 Baidu Baidu, Inc. is a Chinese multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products and artificial intelligence (AI), headquartered in Beijing's Haidian District.
5 is an American technology company headquartered in Mountain View, California that uses artificial intelligence to make self-driving systems for cars.
6 He soon afterwards launched, an online series of deep learning courses.[18] Then Ng launched, bringing AI to manufacturing factories.[19]'s first public partnership was with FoxConn.

Andrew Ng co-founded and led Google Brain and was a former Vice President and Chief Scientist at Baidu, building the company's Artificial Intelligence Group into a team of several thousand people. He is an adjunct professor at Stanford University (formerly associate professor and Director of its AI Lab). Ng is also a pioneer in online education and co-founded Coursera and With his online courses, he has successfully spearheaded many efforts to 'democratize deep learning.' Since 2018 he launched and currently heads AI Fund, initially a $175-million investment fund for backing artificial intelligence startups. He has founded Landing AI, which provides AI-powered SaaS products and Transformation Program to empower enterprises into cutting-edge AI companies.


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