Principles Of Microservices by Sam Newman

Microservices are small services with independent lifecycles that work together. There is an underlying tension in that definition - how independent can you be when you have to be part of a whole? I've spent much of the last couple of years trying to understand how to find the right balance, and in this talk/tutorial I'll be presenting the core seven principles that I think represent what makes microservices tick. After a brief introduction of what microservices are and why they are important, we'll spend the bulk of the time looking at the principles themselves: * Modelled Around Business Domain * Culture Of Automation * Hide Implementation Details * Decentralize All The Things! * Deploy Independently * Isolate Failure * Highly Observable In terms of learning outcomes, I'd say that beginners will get a sense of what microservices are and what makes different, whereas more experienced practitioners will get an insight into practical advice into how to implement them.