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For sellers, website brokers will help determine the website’s value, market your website for sale, attract possible buyers, and process the sale for you. On the other hand, website brokers will assist you to find the best options, if you are buying websites too. They will present all the websites for sale that fit your needs and give you a recommended selling price. Website brokers will even provide post-sales support to help buyers gain familiarity over their new websites.


Aside from their proven marketing strategy, they also have access to database of qualified buyers. Website brokers will present buyers with offers, which are within the determined value range of the websites.

They’ll do the negotiation for the sellers to arrive at a final selling price and, finalize the sale through contract signing and website ownership transfer. Website brokers have a variety of online payment options that add more convenience both to the buyers and sellers.

One of the good things with website brokers is they earn through a commission. For website sellers, you don’t have to pay anything until the sale is made. Website brokers collect 10% to 15% of the sale. This will guarantee the website sellers that they will get the highest profit, because website brokers will surely look for the best offers.


There are a number of good website brokers online. When deciding which one you should go to, remember these key factors:

  • The website broker should be legitimate. Find out if the company is a member of International Business Brokers Association (IBBA). Also, check if it has a physical address and contact number posted on its website. These will make sure that the company is following regulations and you can make contact in case of any disputes. If the broker is claiming to have a certain number of clients, try to verify by looking for testimonials and reviews online.
  • It should have a good number of websites currently for sale. Existing clients means the company is not new in the broker business. A good number of websites for sale posted also means that it has already built credibility as a website broker.
  • The broker is setting a realistic valuation. Go for the website broker that will set your website’s valuation at around 2-3x of the annual profit. This is the average selling price of a website. Watch out for website brokers that offer 5x your website’s annual profit because they are just probably enticing you.
  • Security and confidentiality are some of its biggest emphases. Different companies or individuals could have different reasons in selling their websites. It’s best to opt for a broker that will protect your personal information and interest during the marketing of the website.
  • Its database of qualified buyers is relatively small. Those website brokers showing off a very big list of potential buyers are just referring to a general mailing list of unqualified prospects. Don’t get too excited. Choose the smaller list full of qualified buyers because it will be more beneficial.

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